Frozen section

What is Frozen Section test?

Megavision Pathology Lab in Pune is one of the few Pathology labs in Pune which provide Frozen Section Test Pune. In this Pathology Test, Small samples of tissues are taken from the patient during surgery and examined under a microscope for rapid diagnosis. Biopsies are used to determine the presence of cancer cells; however, few other infections and diseases can also be diagnosed. A frozen section is a type of biopsy procedure. The examination is done when the patient is under anesthesia at the operation theatre.

Preparation For Frozen Section Test

Tissue removed during surgery is placed in normal saline & sent immediately to the laboratory for Frozen Section.

At Megavision Labs We Provide Following Services

Oncology specimens

for margins, sentinel nodes, primary diagnosis.

Liver transplant

Brain tumours

for squash smears and frozen sections