Direct Immunofluorescence (DIF)

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Megavision Pathology Lab in Pune provides the diagnosis of Renal diseases through the use of DIF. DIF involves the application of antibody–fluorophore conjugate molecules to patient tissue samples obtained from biopsies. These antibody–fluorophore conjugates target abnormal depositions of proteins in the patient’s tissue. When exposed to U. V. light, the fluorophore emits its frequency of light, as seen with a microscope. The particular staining pattern and type of abnormal protein deposition in the tissue sample help diagnose the disease.

DIF is helpful in the diagnosis of Renal diseases (Glomerulo Nephritis). DIF is also useful in diagnosing Autoimmune bullous skin diseases, connective tissue diseases & vasculitis. Various disorders can also be diagnosed. The staining patterns seen in tissue samples may be specific to a disease entity or need to be interpreted with the clinical and histological findings.

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